Parsons' Library

Hello! Welcome to Parson’s Library. We are open Monday through Friday 7:15-3:45. Please encourage your child to read daily! Please check out some important information about the Parson’s Library below:

2X2 Books 

Texas 2 X 2 is a list of 20 books that students and teachers are encouraged to read. View the List of 2X2 books.

Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages Reading Program

Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages Reading Program will open in November. Students will need to read a minimum of 10 hours (600 minutes). This is a 10-week program that will allow students to earn a free ticket to Schlitterbahn Water Park. Due to the pandemic, the Schlitterbahn Waves of Pages Reading program will be postponed till the 2021-2022 school year. Thank you.

Lost/ Damaged Books

If a book is lost or damaged it must be paid for.  Please contact Mrs. Morrow if you have questions about the cost of a lost book or need to make a payment.


Students visit the library to check out library books, listen to stories, or learn valuable library skills.