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Counselor's FAQ

General Information

  • Yes, your child can access a school counselor. The best way for your child to access their counselor is by using their Schoology account to message their counselor.
  • Counselors will answer any concerns with social and emotional issues questions on Schoology. If the answer could be best explained through a phone call, the counselor will call the student.


  • Julie Armstrong Kindergarten through Second Grade (K-2)
  • Audrey Trahan Third through Fifth Grade (3-5)
  • Yes, a student can contact a school counselor about personal issues by sending their respective counselor, a message on Schoology.
  • The counselor will be working with On-Campus Learners and At-Home learners and contact students within 24-48 hours.
  • Students should include their first and last name, grade, the name of the teacher (if it is a teacher concern), more information about the issue they are concerned about.
  • If the statement includes information about other students, please include that student’s first and last name (If you know the student’s name)
  • You can contact your student’s counselor by messaging them on Schoology, by sending them an email, or by calling the campus.
  • Julie Armstrong: Kindergarten through Second Grade.   254-547-2235.
  • Audrey Trahan: Third through Fifth Grade.  254-547-2235.

At-Home learners can get support in numerous ways.

  • A student can correspond with a counselor via Schoology messages.
  • A student can email their counselor.
  • A student can schedule a time to speak with a counselor by telephone.
  • A student can also make an appointment to come into the office to speak with a counselor.
  • 504 meetings can be held in person or through a phone conference.  Annual reviews will be held on an as needed bases and 3-year Re-evaluations will be held based on the student’s qualification date.


  • Counselors will respond to students during school hours within 24-48 hours.
  • If you believe that your One-Campus Learner or At-Home Learner might qualify for 504 services, you should contact your student’s counselor. The school counselor will walk you through the process.